I Vectorized The Snap! Logo

It's perfect!
New logo for :snap: ?

Maybe no.

I just made this for fun.

Better! The left edge of the tab at the bottom should have a sharp corner at its top, the way the right one does. That's the only real mistake, although I still wish for variable width strokes. (I have no idea how hard that is in vector graphics.) But this is getting close to something we might actually use.

Oh! No fun allowed around here... :~P


Only work and work :slight_smile:

Umm... What? Are you joking with me?

Yes of course! Sorry if that wasn't clear.

I take you rather seriously. You are older than me, anyway...

Well, that's good, when I'm being serious. Not because I'm older, but because I know a thing or two about computer science, about which you wish to learn. (Plenty of adults are idiots, as you must know if you follow the news!)

But don't the adults in your life joke with you?

P.S. There are three kinds of computer scientists: Those who can count, and those who can't.

More small corrections:



Hmm, I like that it tapers off, but at the moment it starts tapering, it abruptly becomes horizontal. Isn't there a Bezier curve feature in vector graphics? I should think you could use that to make it perfectly smooth.

Variable width is hard to do in the software me and @helicoptur use. The end where it gets shortend is a modified circle.

Anyways, here:


I like it!

When I was a high school teacher it used to drive me crazy when kids would say that. In an effort to dissuade them, I started saying "anyhows," but it didn't work -- they were adamant that "anyhows" isn't a word, but kept on saying "anyways." :~)


P.S. My computer butchered your post about you saying anyhow.

Very cool, what’s this?

My icon?

@bh Several minor fixes:


Love it!

My SVG editor doesn't support that.