I need to know what's new in 8.2.0

so the Snap editor updated again, but literally the only thing that i saw changed was most of the operations booleans, which now allow you to set how many inputs they have (go look for yourself if you dont know what im talking about)

so I wanna know if there's any new blocks in the update. thanks :+1:

Jens's release notes:

  • New Features:
    • AND / OR are now variadic (and hyper!), thanks, Dan, for the suggestion
    • all comparison operators are now variadic
    • new "distribution" selector in the list attribute reporter's dropdown menu
  • Notable Changes:
    • removed variadic reporters library (because the primitives are now variadic)
    • MQTT library update, thanks, Simon and Xavier
  • Notable Fixes:
    • fixed "rename" and "rename all" for custom block formal parameters
    • fixed accessing random list elements
    • TuneScope hotfix, thanks, Harsh, Glen & team!
    • fixed including hidden variables when exporting blocks
    • fixed #3183 - determining the length of huge strings fails
  • Translation Updates:
    • German
    • Catalan, thanks, Joan!

If you would ever like to see what's new in any update, you can just click the snap logo, then download source. It takes you to the download page, which includes the release notes.

Oh , nice job on finding that out!

I already knew about it, so I didn't really find it out.

here's a little overview I posted about 8.2 on social media.

The link doesn’t work.

I’m confused. I don’t remember a variadic reporter library

I think it had things like a variadic AND, OR, sum, product, which is not needed anymore now that the standard blocks are variadic.

Yeah. As I can recall, it was variadic AND and OR, but as @bombmanyeeted said, those blocks are now in the palette so the library doesn't need to exist anymore. If you load an older version of Snap!, you can look at the library and the inner workings of the block.

Here's a list of updated blocks:


You forgot these blocks

untitled script pic

Yeah, those are hidden behind the relable option (and search), didn't bother to screenshot those.

Me when they aren’t in pallet for some reason

The heck is code list mapping? And header mapping??

Now I don't have to use the analyze block in the list utilities library.

I hate to be that person, but there's also these...

I don’t think those are new (what would they even do)

I know, but the ability to have more than two inputs is new.

MIN reports the smallest of two values; MAX reports the largest. Seems kinda trivial, but it's actually really helpful to have.

That's actually not new, they became variadic when the + and * blocks were made variadic.