I made a project in this and I wanted to show you guys it

Sorry gtg. Enabling Linux env on meh chromebook. Bye.

Any time you press your finger down or tap a touchscreen device screen, it is a mouse down action no matter what.

I know that. No offence, but I know more stuff about coding then you. Python. Visual Studio. JavaScript. HTML. CSS. Visual programming languages such as Scratch.

What does that have to do with this discussion?

@joecooldoo ^

You said you didn't know Python. Also please don't assume I'm a part of this argument. Merely pointing out that I'm confused. I don't consider knowing how to use Flask by forking someone else's repl (hint: mine) and changing it to accommodate your needs "knowing Python".

I have been doing a lot of Python recently. Look at my Replit profile.

In fact I'm creating a tutorial for the basics at this very moment. I tend to learn stuff fast :wink:

Not going to lie, your Python package ideas are pretty cool. I just don't see how you're going to make it. Like Snap2Py. Also, what's MiroTalk about?

Oh and

isn't a language. It's an IDE (I think that stands for Interactive Developement Environment (I'll search it up)). It's generally for C languages but supports many other languages as well. Like Dart, Dockerfile, F#, Go, HTML, CSS, JS, Markdown, PHP and many others. The full list is found on their website: Language Support in Visual Studio Code

Yeah, I knew that.

It's a work in progress.

Its a fork of someone elses project. It's like zoom.

So if you're giving examples of what languages you know then why is there an IDE included in there?



Can someone please help me make it so the joy stick goes back to its original place when the mouse is off screen please :cry: :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I want to tell you to mind your own business but out of respect, I'll explain. When I made my Scratch Social Actions bot, joecooldoo thought it was cool and wanted to help and see how it worked. he told me he couldn't help with Python because he didn't know it. Hence

So he helped with the HTML. Fast forward he forked my REPL and learned how to make "a server of your own for Snap!". After he made his Snap! Extensions. He then made that tutorial because of someone on the Snap! Extensions thread asked him how to make it or something. So yeah.

in the stage put the code
when green flag clicked
if <<not<touching [mouse-pointer v]>>> then
reset joystick code here ::grey
Also make sure this doesn't run if the mouse is touching any sprites.

ok thanks