I made a project in this and I wanted to show you guys it

export the whole joystick sprite instead of just the script (right-click it and then select export)

ok I will just export the whole sprite instead

I made a Mobile Friendly game on Scratch before.
You can easily export that code to Snap, can you?


I think so but im not entirely sure

how do you make it so when the mouse is off screen the joystick wont activate in the project?

(look in project for what i am talking about)

It doesnt even work properly

Try on iPad. What part doesn’t work?

I dont have a mobile device as im am only 12 and my mom wont buy me one

It goes to your finger even if you arent pressing.

If your on ipad…. or phone…. if you touch the screen your also pressing down
You only tested it on PC didn’t you :disappointed_relieved:

:man_facepalming: I have my own tablet.

I know that! But if you tap somewhere else, it still tries to go to where you tapped.

How do you touch the screen on a touchscreen device but not press down…?

You cant.


Ugh. I mean, you tap somewhere else, it goes there.

You mean it goes in that direction on the joy stick but stays at the bottom left? You could have worded it differently instead of “it goes to your finger even when your not pressing”:confused:

That makes complete sense.

It sounds like “it goes in the direction of the mouse pointer even when your not mouse down”

That is what is happening.