I made a project in this and I wanted to show you guys it

I was wondering if anyone could possibly improve the project.
If anyone ends up improving it and I like the improvement then I will finish the rest of the project and put you in the side notes.

here is the project Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

its not much as a reward but I really need help with the project

Your main loop is performed 3 times in paralel for:
Green flag
"lets go"

Just make a block that runs this code. Then call on the block in each instance.

Is this an improvement? (check the project again) please tell me if you have any ideas for other levels to add in the upcoming update

(this weekend)

i didn't really know how I wouldve made the block that would run the code.

I can't get past level 2.

mmh ok

Mobile friendly: you could add the joystick from my project.

k i will try that

How do you get the y and x position of mouse in this script pic Move script pic

how did you get the x and y position of mouse in the project that you showed in this project

Look in the sensing category. Really look. There aren't a lot of blocks there.

no but i mean that the option "mouse" that is inside of the block on the left input isn't there

it's in the right input, not the left input

sorry i meant right but i still cant find the mouse otion like it is not there

EDIT: i just checked the right input and its not there

This entire thing is offtopic. That script pic isn't related to your project at all, and the sprites "mouse" and "box" don't exist in your project, so you can't select them.
If you need help with something that's not related to your project, please make a new topic instead of replying here.

i was just trying to add a joystick to my project like @earthrulerr put in there earlier and I need the mouse input in order to add the joystick