I made a game inside one block

It only has two lines of code:

[scratchblocks]When green flag clicked :: control
The Game :: #6eafff

And it is made almost entirely out of pen! This also happens to be my first pen project

I've done something similar to this, except it was a game inside of a single sprite. That would be my fly-catching game.

can you send it's link?

Now the ultimate challenge: Make a game with only one sprite, one custom block, one costume, and one sound effect. >:)

That's pretty close to this already. The second sprite could be a clone, the costume is already the same, and it doesn't have any sound effects anyways.

Not to be confused with the one that's actually called Fly Catcher.


This thread made me smile, because in the bad old days when I was learning to program, one-thread-one-sprite (well, one graphics control) was the only available way to program. It's great that modern youth take multithreading for granted.

im confused, it made you smile even though you hated one-thread-sprites but its great that we can multithread code?

No, it's only the "only" that I italicized that I (in retrospect) hate.

But you like that I made something only using one thread?

I neither like nor dislike it. You should make each project in the way best suited to it.

eh, I was bored out of my mind in science (i completed everything we had to do) so I started making that

but do you like the game at least?

Umm, I haven't tried it. Nothing personal; I'm not a big fan of video games, largely because I'm terrible at them. Wordle is more my style.

oh, ok. its not hard, and theres only 3 levels, so please try it?

The controls are a and d to move left and right and space to jump

My posts got...deleted?

what posts

Not interested in you cluttering the forum with stuff about how you're about to get banned.