Fly Swarm Game

After having this project shared for a while, it is lucky for me that the new TOTM is about food.. so here is a game where you play as a frog trying to eat as many flies as possible. Space to jump forward!

Uhhh, you can drag the flies to the frog :flushed:

Fixed :sweat_smile:

Oh, Its also really slow.

It is?

Yeah, you move very slowly.

Each different bit of terrain changes your speed. Go on different terrain.

My highest score: 24

I wonder what the optimal score is on this game, who can take advantage of the terrain the best? I think I've gotten around 30 before.

Maybe, anyways.. I got a score of 27!

Heh, I got 30!

NICE. Let's aim for 35 now. Lolol


Holy crap the grindd

I know right. I went as fast as I could that was my ........ 7th attempt I think.

Dang, I have only ever gotten 30 at the very most..

cool, im gonna try some more.

I got 63.

If you want to edit this do so! it are high scores!
sirhops board!

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joes board!

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  • 63

spoosh board!

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I played it for a few hours.