I Have a Replit Now!

First Project: cars-extended-warrantee - Replit (it’s a joke btw, read bottom text)
Account: EarthRulerr (Earth) - Replit

I’ll mostly be making HTML and JS stuff on it. Might learn some python idk and CSS on the way. I am soon going to be working on making a simple website.


My website is online!

How is this relevant to snap

when my car's warranty coming??

It is relevant to coding, as stated by bhenrique the forums are for programming help and posting projects outside of Snap! is fine.

Wait didn't it say that if you are older than 1 day it costs $999999999999999/s because it thinks old people are bad at driving

Cool. For school I'm going to also have to make a website soon.

I am not the person to answer this but very rarely, people can use Replit to make cloud projects, but this has possibly never done in Snap!, but it has happened in TimMcCool by @TimMcCool

Also, I am just new to Snap!, so I have no idea if that has ever happened...

Actually, it's the most common service for making cloud vars in snap. Just go through these topics Search results for 'Cloud var' - Snap! Forums (and look at the projects). I've even made cloud variables using repl.it.

But this topic isn't that. You are somehow mistaking this as a cloud variable project.

but it isn't relevant to snap

It has, people have made cloud blocks using replit.

Nice, I finished mine and it’s published!

This does not matter it is relevant to programming, Brian stated the other day that the forums are for programming talk not just Snap! talk. bhenrique, another moderator, stated a similar thing saying computer related topics are fine.

Updated Website.


New STML section.
Bug fixes.
Code organization.
+40+ new lines of code.

Could I ask you to stick to just this one thread about your non-Snap! related replit coding.

That makes it easy for people who are not interested in non-Snap! discussions to simply mute one single thread to not be disturbed by it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Of course, I’m not going to make a whole thread for a replit besides this one unless it involves Snap!. I never said I would either.

I don’t get why everyone is getting so mad-ish at this topic? Even after I said that it is computer related and not offtopic to computer science and follow what has been said by moderators.

I think it's in the wrong category

What shall it be in?

Hey, would you like to join my collaboration in Scratch, STML? It’s HTML but in Scratch basically, like Zoomscript. I have some stuff about it on my profile on Scratch.