I can edit my posts in closed topics

I can edit my posts in closed topics. That shouldn't happen

I'm not the only who noticed? i thought i was just seeing things when i saw the edit button on a closed topic

I even edited my post and saved the edit, and it saved (I removed my edit after I saved it)

i also noticed this in old snap forums before it shut down

Aargh. @cycomachead.

We can get around this by changing the ownership of all the posts in the topic, but that's a pain in the neck. Stay tuned...

I don't really think this is a huge problem. If it is, we'll just turn off post editing entirely since any sort of window seems to be a potential for abuse.

Discourse supports locking posts (separate from closing a thread) when we need it though.

it helps me a lot to edit so please don't.

Yes please do not delete editing posts it is really useful and it help a lot.