HTML Blocks

I have made a custom block project, for HTML! Including many different types of blocks, an example, and a template. JavaScript HTML blocks are there as well.

I have spent 2 days on this just messing around and adding blocks, tell me if I'm missing anything big, but for now this seems like a lot!

Here is a picture of the example:

Ah, codification. You need to make a block to set the codification to HTML style (Your style), because once exported for something else, the owner needs to map it to the style.

Oh I'm sorry... I'll get to that, I did not know that Lol.

You learn something new every day! :slight_smile:

And maybe make the blocks easier to understand, for people who know nothing about HTML. Maybe make a block that has custom style templates.

Done! Made a Map to HTML block.

Sure, I'll make a template.

Also, I must credit, I got the HTML Dialogue block from one of joecooldoo's projects and the copy to clipboard block from one of ego-lay_atman-bay's projects.

I got it from @dardoro.

Oh, I see.

I may move this to Snap! 7 so that I can organize these blocks more efficiently, and so they're not scrambled all over the place.

Did it.

It's so weird that you have all these blocks with no code in them! I've never seen anything like that before.

I'd like to second this:

It seems to me that if what you want is to write exact HTML text, you might as well do it in a text editor. Emacs has an HTML mode in which typing "<foo bar>" automatically gives you a "</foo>" and that's the main advantage of your use of C-shaped blocks for HTML delimited regions. What would give your project a big advantage would be if the user doesn't have to know HTML details. For example, I would try to do without the HEAD block by generating its pieces automatically, maybe using blocks for common varying parts of a HEAD, such as <TITLE>...</TITLE>.

I'm not sure how I feel about your use of C-shaped blocks, as opposed to inline inputs. I can see how it's sometimes necessary for large blocks of text, but I'd like to see blocks like ITALICS with a text input, that would codify into <i>text input here</i>. The trouble with C-shaped blocks is that they make your HTML document extremely vertical, a tall narrow column of blocks.

Maybe for experimental purposes you should make C-shaped blocks and reporter blocks for things like PARAGRAPH. The reporter blocks would use a variadic input slot and concatenate all the inputs it gets, so that you could do composition of functions:
(PARAGRAPH [This is] (ITALICS [very]) [important.])

By the way, do you pronounce your username "skwoosh" or "skoosh"? Having a Q without a following U leads to ambiguity about how it's meant to be pronounced.)

Where's the open parenthesis?

I would probably pronounce it as a mix of both, if I didn't know.

Yeah.. the blocks with no code are a bit weird but it's a choice I made I guess.. also generating parts automatically? I'm not sure how I would do that. I am not really the smartest. Also for me, c-shaped blocks were the most intuitive for me to understand and to look at. I would need some assistance if I were to redesign it to be more intuitive for all. Also yeah, the text formatting blocks like bold and italics I had trouble deciding what to do with, I ultimately left it as a reporter because of my own personal confusion. Maybe some time in the future I'll try doing a re-design with some advice of course, it would be a new project because completely reformatting this existing project would be a nightmare for me. Also my name is pronounced skoosh, to disambiguate.

Don't say that. You're not really the most knowledgeable, is all.

Thank you, Lol.

Since I was reminded of this I decided I would work on it again, this is the first thing I decided I would do to make it more intuitive.
HTML Blocks 2 script pic (1)
I probably won't make it as complex as it could've been since I am now aiming for making it friendlier towards those who could be unfamiliar with HTML now, as suggested by others, CSS may have to wait for another time, I will still be including JavaScript for this though.

EDIT: More development:
HTML Blocks 2 script pic

can you share that project, its not the same as the one in the main post

Why so? It's not finished.