How to plot a point.

I've tried pen down and pen up without moving but that doesn't seem to place a single dot of color with a thickness. How do you do that?

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move 0 steps (with the pen down). Not sure what you mean by "with a thickness" but maybe you want SET PEN SIZE?

nasty typos are worse than evil kumquats

That was the first thing I tried... and I tried it again and I realized I put the move in the wrong place. derp Thanks! And yes, pen thickness resized the dot. And instead of making yet ANOTHER topic in which I likely derped again... Can you erase pen?

I see you are a man of culture as well...

There are a couple of ways to erase the pen, which one of them is the "Clear" block, but I presume you already knew that.
Another way is to set the pen color to the background color and have it cover the places you want to erase. That is the simplest and fastest way.

But what if the background is multicolored?

Well, the difficulty of that with the method I provided would depend on how many colors. So, with that said, how many colors are there?

Unknown. I'm making my own 2D pen engine.

Oh, I see. Let me try making a custom block that will set the pen color to the background color for you.

Wait. You can grab the color of a pixel on screen BEHIND THE PEN? That's crazy.

Well, that's what I'm trying to do. I don't know if it's possible yet.

Thanks. I'll try too. Might help me with the rest of what I want to do.


It's possible. The stage stores its canvas. Not that I know how yet, but morphic allows it.

Well, if you're making a Pen Engine (which I'd presume is similar to a drawing engine), then wouldn't the background already be white?

Depends on how the user uses it. It might not be. Who knows how people will use it. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

An "eraser" tool specifically would go back down to bare minimum, that's how most drawing programs are. That's disincluding layers though, but I'm thinking up a way to identify what color the pen is.

Oh I have a block for that. @wunder_wulfe used it in his 3D project.
2D PEN ENGINE script pic

Alright so I have a concept. What if we took the pixels of the stage and and resized it, cropping it to the pixels we need. Then we take the last item out of the list, which is our targeted pixel. It only returns rgba(0,0,0,0), so the cropping might work differently than I expected. See if this works:
2D PEN ENGINE script pic (1)