How to make a new account on the Snap! Forums?

It worked! Thanks!

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Ah, I think the IP address caused and issue because the forum thought you were talking to yourself. I think I fixed it.

Thanks again. :D

I managed to log into a new account. I had to use a new email (using a ten minute email). I did change the email address on my other account that I made (@ego-lay_atman-bay-2) but that didn't work, so I made a new account, this one. btw, I plan on deleting this account.

Welcome to the forum anyways.

haha lol, you can probably tell I'm @ego-lay_atman-bay


wait, I logged into @ego-lay_atman-bay-3, not @egolay_atmanbay-2 (which is a new account that I deleted)


who are you?

Cool, I made a new account and it works perfectly fine :)


Welcome to the Snap! forum(s), alt acc!