How to make a new account on the Snap! Forums?

bLoCkeD ;-;



I am now gonna cry on my keyboard.


My keyboard

Try clearing your cookies for s.b.e

How come the forum stopped letting me quote a paragraph with formatting in it?

The same happened to me, I thought it was a bug at first...

What's that? I am only asking because I am having the same issue as @ego-lay_atman-bay.

Is there a way to clear cookies without accessing settings (which are blocked for @FUNTIME_FOXY101 )?

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It is a bug! imho.

Back on topic: You can't make an account on the forum! You can only make an account on Snap!, and that's automatically also a forum account. If (that's what I meant by s.b.e) automatically logs you into your existing account, even after you explicitly log out, then try clearing your cookies for that site.

Oh. Maybe not. Lemme guess, anonymous mode is blocked too?

No, anonymous mode isn't blocked. I just don't use it often.

even after I cleared all cookies, site data, and everything in the browser, it still logged me into this account (I'm trying to log into my new account that is @ego-lay_atman-bay-2)

You did log out, right? Not just close the window? If so, I give up, and will elevate this problem, as they say in the user support business: @bromagosa.

I logged out of the forum and, and then I closed the tabs, then went into settings, cleared all site data.

That sounds impossible to me. Not saying you're lying, just saying I can't think of a way for that to happen.

When you clear all cookies, the Snap! cloud server doesn't have any way whatsoever to link you to an account.

@cycomachead, any ideas?

This is what I feel like right now: Is there a way to clear cookies for a certain website without going onto settings?

What I want to feel like right now:
"Is there a way to clear cookies for a certain website without going onto settings???"

But I don't feel like that, and I hate that fact.

I did use the same email for both accounts.

Do you accounts use the same email address? Discourse has a 1 account per email address policy that's baked into the system that we cannot fix.

I can only use one email address...

Can you try making your Snap! account with the email youremail+snap@xxxx.yyy, essentially adding +snap right before the @ in the email address? When you do that messages still go to the same inbox.