how to make 3d using pen

how to make 3d???
i want to make 3d game thats like mario 64

Search what wiser people say about it.

i mean using pen

I'm not sure I understand the distinction you're making. It's not that there was a physical camera involved, if that's what you mean. The point is that in 2D you are sitting "above" the plane of the stage and can see it all at once. But in 3D you can't look at the whole space at once; some of it has to be "behind" you. So 3D software has an abstraction called the camera that faces in a particular direction and lets you see what's in front of it, just as a real camera would.

People have written bunches of 3D projects. You can search for one.

Have you studied trigonometry? If not, you'll have a hard time understanding how the software turns a 3D space into what is really a 2D image on your computer's screen.

there are a lot of 3d games on scratch, and most of them use pen

What would it mean to not "use pen"?

pen is more flexibal than normal sprites

I maintain a collection of projects that do 3D in Snap! one way or other.

I have no idea how they work (I mean, I have a basic understanding of how these projects work, but I have never written anything resembling a 3D engine myself), but I think exploring how others are doing 3D is a good way to learn:

Check it out here:

Do you understand what Sean means about pen? Is this some Scratch thing I don't know about? Every sprite has a pen, but a pen isn't a sprite, right? We've gone back and forth a few times now and I'm just not getting it. This is really embarassing; I'm usually better at reading kids' minds in teaching situations, but I'm at a loss.

if you dont know, look at this project i found on scratch thats 3d and uses pen:

"Made using a pen only" is used as synonymous of more advanced, hand crafted application without use of costume only pen trails. Most hardcore approach is to not use Turtle graphic only absolute positioning and pen up/down.
Really it's kind of showoff like filling a tank with tea spoon instead of using a bucket or hose :wink:

Usefull for analytic geometry course, wire frame models etc..

do not depends on pen, you project will be nearly impossible to have good graphics other than squares and triangles if you only use pen

@danielthebanana4 made a 3D render cube with pen.

Even griffpatch’s 3D project use sprites for graphics

he uses a sprite for a player, but he uses pen for the actual 3D part.

Ya, because the land don’t need high graphic, the objects are all sprites because they have unique shape.

which game are you talking about? griffpatch has multiple 3D games.

3D is an incredibly advanced accomplishment, especially considering that you don't even seem to have a full understanding of how the pen works. If you want to make 3D games easily, then I don't think that Snap! is the right piece of software for you. (Not to mention that the Snap! pen seems pretty laggy, but maybe it's just my computer)

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if it's an incredibly advanced accomplishment, then he might want to do it to accomplish it. I think snap is actually a good software to do it in, since you can use hyperblocks, and a ton of advanced things scratch can't.