How to get a list of scripts with hat blocks?

I need hat blocks to undestand which scripts are going to run and which are not.

Do anyone know how to understand that maybe without seeing hat blocks? I have some idea in my mind but that would be slow.

Well, you could do something like this,
and then grab the value of the dummy block.

no, i dont want to use any additional blocks for that :c

Hat blocks are not supported by the scripting blocks

then i dont get a point of my scripts block .-.
hat blocks in my scripts could be much more useful for codification projects

The script blocks were just recently introduced and Hat blocks have not yet been added.

Snap! is in continuous development but sometimes the thing that one person wants isn't the top priority for the Snap! team :slight_smile:

thats cool, still dont get point of my scripts tho

I'm finding it very useful in my 3D codification project - haven't found any need for a Hat block so far :slight_smile:

what is your 3d codification project?

thats really cool but still i have a different type of codification project, with hat blocks in it

okay i can make question different, how do we get a list of scripts which do have hats? not like getting list of scripts with hats, but like knowing which of them do have it

You can't do that either - the only current workaround that I know of is helicoptur's

Block Cool Custom  Blocks script pic by @348663451y

wait whats that, lemme check, im excited

wwowwww, it returns scripts with hat blocks, how????

I have no idea, you should learn Morphic.js to understand it.

i cant find @348663451r person т-т

I'm sorry, I meant @348663451y

oh, looks like he's not active now..