how do you make things move with java script???

(question in title)

If you go though this course you will know it

Oh come on, don't be a smartass. He's asking a programming question, not a physics question.

What if Khan Academy is BlOcKeD?

get a new computer

no its about programming if you click the link

It's hard to know how to answer this without some context.

If by a "thing" you mean something like a Snap! sprite, that isn't really a thing that can move. It's some colored lights. When you think it moves, that's because the software has turned certain lights off (or actually changed their color to whatever the stage background is) and turned other lights on. How that happens isn't built into JS; it depends on how the particular software (such as Snap!) organizes its data structures.

So, if you're asking about sprites, the answer is, don't try to do it in JS; just use Snap!!

If you want to know how to write your own graphics software in JS, then do a web search for "HTML5 Canvas" and start small, with a black square on a white background, and move that around.

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What if a school Chromebook is the only thing my parents allow me to use?
What if I don't have the money?

You can't just say that and expect me to get a new computer, because what if I can't?

I also want to know the answer to this question, since I am learning JS.

i use school cromebook

In Snap! you do this: this.forward(10)

Yes, okay, I take back "smartass"; I'm sorry.

But it's still not what he needs. When he can do the equivalent of move 10 steps then you can tell him about simulating acceleration. He's nowhere near that stage.

I imagine there is something at Khan Academy that will teach him how to use Canvas, but if you want to teach someone, you have to start where they are, not where you are.

Do you use a school chromebook that has everything blocked other than Snap!, thanks to the school admin?


@SuperSean12 look at

I do. :)

Oh, that's nice. We should tell teachers about that.

That's all right :smiley:

No.Khan acadamy tells us how to use processing.js not canvas API

Ah. Well then I guess it's w3school.


Yeah, and the original poster @SuperSean12 has many reasons to mark the reply as a solution to his problem.

Moderators may want to move the thread out of 'Help with Snap!' category into <british_sarcasm_mode on>I've grown out of Scratch, so I don't want to learn Snap! which because it is in my peers' opinion just another 'childish' programming language, but instead be an adult JS programmer<sarcasm_mode off> category, or, at least into uncategorized.

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