How do you import images

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I saw a few youtube videos, showing how simple it is to simply import images. So in the video, it shows that you are suppose to simply click on the document icon and choose import. However, when I do it, nothing gets uploaded. The file is a png file, but it still does not do anything. Am I missing something? Down below, is the image if anybody wants to test it on their pc.

P.S. I really think the developers should rename their app. It is really difficult to find any how to's on Google, because Google thinks I am looking for subjects in snapchat. It is really annoying!!!!

Works fine for me. Try dragging the file into the webpage instead

Try searching this "snap!" (with an exclamation mark) Also, if you have any questions, feel free to post on the forum. You can also search here using the search button if you don't feel like posting. I do recommend reading the manual (found by clicking the snap logo in the editor), it has a lot of useful stuff in it.

When I want to search in browser Snap! I prefer enter a these phrase:
Snap! Berkeley or BYOB Berkeley .

I'm fine with the name. Just be more specific by typing "Snap Berkeley" or "Snap by berkeley" or something like that.

Also you think that it is annoying. You are the only person who thinks it is annoying so far.

I'm talking to @rnspap

prior to the good suggestions in this post, have you even r tried using snap in your search phrase on Google. If not, I would try doing that before flaming users on this forum. here is a good example...
import images in Snap, and you will see more returned results of Snapchat.

@ego-lay_atman-bay, snap!, with the exclamnation point returns either the acronym for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or on Youtube returns the title of a song

however, I will certainly try the other suggestions given above. Thanks for the tips

@helicoptur: as for the import images problem, are you saying that you did not have problems importing the image that I had supplied in the op, or are you saying that you don't have problems importing images in general. I also tried using a different computer, and the samething happens.

I don't understand. I get these results by searching
"Import images into Snap by Berkeley"

What? All I said was


well, right now you sound like you're yelling, as if you're mad.

I just noticed there's a video by Brendan Dilloughery that I watched in that screenshot.

I'm saying that I

First of all, this sounds very much like yelling, which is ironic, since you're accusing them of being mad.
Second, they never said they were going to flag your post. Flaming is a different thing.

No, because I use the very forum you're saying this on to ask and answer questions.

First of all, this sounds very much like yelling, which is ironic, since you're accusing them of being mad.
Second, they never said they were going to flag your post. Flaming is a different thing.

You took the words right out of my mouth. I never said or did flag slate_technologies' post. I used the word "flammin" because your post seemed a bit cocky like yor Mr. Know it all, but you haven't tried using just snap in your search phrase. Overall, the best answer is to use snap berkely. Now, I am getting much better results closer to what I am looking for.

Also, back to my original reason of posting here, I am now getting really odd behavior with importing the same images. For some reason, sometimes the images show up, and sometimes they don't. I am not sure if it is a tablet issue or if it is something else. However, I am pushing towards that it is something else, because the same problems happens with my father's desktop. Does anyone else have any suggestions?

You talking about @helicoptur?

If you are talking about me, YOU'RE WRONG. I have tried using just the word "Snap" in my search browser. So you're wrong if anything. Please stop accusing people and using false information against them.

I'll just flag your post. But there is a good chance @bh will not delete this post. He's said that he doesn't delete posts like these so that the community can see it.

Context please?????

yes, I am talking about you Slate. Every reply you gave examples of, included "snap berkeley", which is totally different from using just "snap". This is the results when you just use snap....

...and this is with Snap Berkeley...

...and to say that I am the only one that thinks it is annoying and then only show examples of using the phrase Snap Berkeley makes me think that this person wants to show off and say that it was irrelevent my statement towards the name of the app is annoying.
If you truly have used just the phase snap previously, and did not find it difficult to find an answer, then why would you not show those examples.

As for the flagging part, I really don't understand why you thought I flagged your post. I do not appreciate you wanting to flag my post, for accusing you that you where wrong. I only replyed back to you based on what I saw from your replies, which frankly, using Snap Berkeley is nothing near the same as just using Snap. In addition, where do you see I had accuseed others of wrong information. As a matter of fact, not only did I NOT accuse anyone else of being wrong, which you are doing to me, I even replied back to those people that adding Berkeley was a great suggestion. So maybe BH should be looking at your replies.

When did I say I showed off? You're doing it again - you're accusing people for doing things you think are wrong and not giving me proof.

Please stop.

@bh reply to this kid.

You are doing something sladescar did a while back (Of course, this was a while back. We're now kind of friends) where he blamed people for things they never did.

Pretty sure the mods said we can't point fingers on each other.

In browser is an option to add a bookmark...