How do you get Snap blocks on the forums?

On the Scratch forums (I still think the Snap forums are better) you can use BBCode to represent different blocks. Since I'm new, I don't really know how everyone gets a script of blocks in a post. I'm wondering if it's a photo or BBCode, and how to get it.

It's a photo.

To get the script pic of a block, right-click the script you want to show and click on script pic to get the image. Then you just put the image in your post.

Oh. Why don't they just add Snap blocks into BBCode?

idk, there's been many topics about adding snapblocks, but they're too busy with snap to add them (well, I think).


In the case of Scratchblocks, "they" is one person, Tim Radvan, who I'm pretty sure was still in secondary school at the time. He just wrote it and made a pull request. And he designed it to support Snap! notations not in Scratch itself, such as grey rings (he's English) and custom C-shaped blocks.

Sadly, Tim is now out of university and has both a job and a family, so he no longer has an infinite amount of free time. So if this is going to happen on the Snap! forum, one of you lot is going to do it! But honestly I find it faster to make a script pic than to write up Scratchblocks notation.

There is a post with a link to the Discourse component.

With SVG mod, "Script pic..." is even more useful but it must be built as a SNAP library or project.

Oops, I apologize for forgetting that. I'll hereby ask @bromagosa to take a look at installing it, in his copious free time. (<-- sarcasm)

Hmm... is that an actual Discourse plugin? Unzipping it in plugins/ didn't seem to do anything at all.

@dardoro, maybe you can illuminate me?

It can be installed by UI as a "Component" from filesystem or URL.
Can be copied also as custom header.

Plugin source
This code replaces "[scratchblocks]" tag as shown in this thread
Help With Developing a Discourse Plugin for modified scratchblocks ‘snap-blocks’

Disclaimer as in above thread: "Maybe You find it useful - there is a proof of concept of such module..."

I see, I thought it was a plugin, thanks! :slight_smile:

seems to have worked

For anyone else - I had to refresh my browser to see the update

say (join (bromagosa) [Can we have a button that automatically adds the scratchblocks tags?])

tell [ snapenilk ] to <(ask [cycomachead]::control) :: grey ring> ::control

@cycomachead is the forum hacker :slight_smile:

Is there a place where I could go to find out which staff members are experts for which parts of Snap! (e.g. Jens wrote Morphic and knows about the back-end)?

the problem is that images like @addInput, @delInput, and others don't load, oh, and I found out you have to put the html tags

<p dir="ltr">...</p>

around the scratchblocks tags in order to not get


(also, @addInput and @deInput are important with snapblocks)

Jens is the primary authority on Snap! itself. Michael is the primary expert on the forum. Bernat is the primary expert on the web site. All of them have dealt with the cloud back end, but if I had a question I'd start with Michael I think. Joan has been contributing mainly to Snap! itself. Jadga has mostly contributed to the SAP MOOC development. As for me, I'm a dilettante, but a lot of the user interface design for things like gray rings, the make a block dialog, the long form input dialog, etc., are my doing. And I'm the one who knows about languages other than Smalltalk, such as Scheme, Object Logo, and APL, all of which have contributed major design elements to Snap!. (Design elements from Smalltalk are Jens's work.)

P.S. I hope I'm going to see blocks in a color other than red...

say( join [Updated on Github to v] [3.5] )
reinstall required