Mysterious Bookmark

I have a bookmark that I don't remember making, but I can't get rid of it. I tried setting a reminder for the next minute and having it be deleted when the reminder is sent, but that didn't work. I tried clicking the delete button, but it said that the URL could not be found. The bookmark is for this post.

EDIT: there is another bookmark (#17) in the same thread that I do remember making and want to keep, but this mysterious bookmark links to the wrong one (#57).


I'm not sure how this could happen. If you click on the bookmark icon on the post, what happens when you try to click the delete icon?

I could not reproduce the "no URL" pop-up again.
Screen recording

From the video it looks like you have a bookmark on this post: How do you get Snap blocks on the forums? Not sure how it got there, but seems like you should be able to delete that one.

Well, I do remember bookmarking that post and I want to keep it, but why does the bookmark link to #57?

Edit: #57 is a post, not the topic.

I bookmarked #17 and the bookmark button for #17 is blue, which means a bookmark was created for #17, but on my list of bookmarks, the bookmark listed there links to #57, not #17, and the bookmark button for #57 is gray, which means there is not a bookmark for #57.


Not sure why the link is weird — maybe it’s a discourse bug. But really I don’t know.

maybe try bookmarking the post that you bookmarked before, and then delete that bookmark.

I deleted the bookmark then remade it, but it again still points to #57 instead of #14.

that's weird