How Do I Add A Keyboard Shortcut?

Specifically, I want to make a keyboard shortcut for duplicating a single block. Also, could anyone tell me what keyboard shortcut I should use?


is the answer to

Edit 2:

So Alt+drag. Maybe.

that won't work, there will not be a "duplicate block in snap" specific shortcut.

ControlC copy script
ControlX cut script
+Shift single block only
ControlV paste

IMHO: Menu shortcut works (sometimes) when menu is visible, so for the global hotkey JS onkeypress or onkeydown should be used. And block must be located with something like world.hand.morphAtPointer().parentThatIsA( Block_Morph).

I'm thinking something like Ctrl+drag, like we currently have Shift+drag to extract a block.

Not "what keyboard shortcuts are there".
And the CtrlAlt? doesn't work. (To get the "?", I need to do Shift/, so the entire thing would be CtrlShiftAlt/)

I was thinking of
ShiftControlC copy block
ShiftControlX cut block
Does not colide with Shift + drag to extract single block.

Drag what? The whole point of your blocks is to replace usual :snap: d'n'd with clipboard-like abiliities, isn't it?

Ctrl+drag the block you want to duplicate, of course.

I made a mistake. I was thinking that you are the author of the

and want to create a hotkey.

If you want to duplicate block instead of "extract" Ctrl seems good.


Thanks! That was one of my questions; I'll have to mark that on the original post.

I've tested it and unfortunately Ctrl is captured, with mouse, by Snap!, as a right click.
But Alt works for me.

Ok. I've edited the original post.