Copy/paste scripts

Well, I decided to make something that might come in handy, when editing projects. I've made it possible to copy/paste scripts


  • Copy scripts
  • Copy block
  • Cut block
  • Copy comment
  • Paste scripts/comment

Project url: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks





Does it work between different tabs of Snap!?

no, since the copied thing is stored in window.blockCopy (I made the name before I added copying comments)

Bummer. If it did, though, it could be used for a backpack. (one of the very few things Scratch has that I want on Snap!.)

for that, I'd have to use the local storage.

I could try to add a backpack system, but that would take a whole lot longer.

Plus, localstorage doesn't support anything but text and numbers. I guess it could use the XML of a script, though.

it's not just the local storage lib, it's local storage itself. I've looked at the local storage in turbowarp, and I saw that the backpack is stored in json.

What'd you say that you edited out?

something I realized was wrong.

I still want to know.

Project doesn’t exist:/

True. It seems to exist for him, though, so he probably didn't "share" it.

Second link is a "user script" which work even with JS disabled but requires extension/plugin (Chrome has some kind of support built-in)

I use tapermonkey, but there are some other chrome extensions that can load userscripts.

I've become slightly addicted to moding Snap! UI with TM :wink:

I've noticed that in some of your screenshots :slight_smile:

I'm kind of wondering, where do I find all those userscripts? I put all my userscripts in this repo