How can I import gifs into a costume

idk what to put here

gifs or animated gifs ?


I don't know the difference. Can you explain it?

I don't think you can but you can code the sprite to change costumes fast like a gif.

gif is just a file format for images.
animated gifs, like animated pngs, are a format for holding multiple gif images in a file.

Most people associate gifs as animated gifs. I have a feeling most people don't know you can store a single image in a gif. I'm just saying, it's very reasonable to assume people mean animated gifs, when they're talking about gifs.

I don't think there is a a way built into snap to get all the frames from a gif, but you might be able to find a website online that can, like scratch.

animated .gif example:

You can't import an animation in snap from a single file...

2 way to import an image:

  1. select the sprite in your project and drag the .gif into snap

  2. select the sprite in your project, File/import, select the file...

Funny amination from an animated .gif

You can import GIF's in Snap!, however they will NOT be animated.

  1. Split your GIF into frames of PNG. You can do that in online websites.
  2. Then, once you've got all the PNG frames, import each individual frame to Snap!.

i own a chromebook

it only shows one

What do you mean by this?
If you mean one frame, that's because you use a single-frame gif that is not animated.

Only the 1st picture of the gif was imported in snap. you have to convert the .gif to multiple .jpg and after that, import all pictures into snap...

Search on google:convert gif to jpeg or something like that

online-convert is my favorite website when I can't use freeconvert.

A few years ago, I wrote a project to import an animated gif and convert it into a series of costumes.

It was very slow but it might still work :slight_smile:
Requires JavaScript enabling to load your .gif in but just uses pure Snap! to convert the file

Just tried it out on loucheman's gif and it seems to work still :slight_smile:

mine is 88 png's

is there a way to put the gifs in a file

what do you mean?

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