Here is the beautiful link to my(My first animation test) PROJECT.

Ok, so I only know how to do links, so here is the link, let me know what you think...It took about 2 hours for the drawing, 10 minutes for the picture editing, 2 minutes for the code.

Someone get the holy water this is my first ever animation test and it's barely even an animation....CRINGE ALERT!! It's a forever loop....WHY DO I STILL NOT KNOW HOW TO UPLOAD MUSIC FROM SPOTIFYYYYYY....AAAA I WORKED SO HARD ON THE DRAWING...oops I hate caps lock. You can ask me questions on how I did the art. And I know it is trash, but as I said, I am not used to Snap ! yet. @bh I need to know some tips on how to be a good animator on Snap !, welp.

is that supposed to be you?

No, it is my best friends OC, Endie, but FNAF version

what is a "FNAF"?

Five Nights At Freddy's, a horror game that is very popular

is that one of those new 1980's things?

The FNaF game was published for Microsoft Windows by Scott Cawthon in 2014

do you think that there should be a ban on waffles? they taste bad. (in my opinion)

Plot: you are working a pizzeria as a night guard. You are in the office, watching the security cameras with limited power. The animatronics move throughout the pizzeria, but you don't want them to get into your office. There are two electromagnetic doors with lights outside. Looking at a camera feed, having a light on, or having a door closed uses power. You have to get through your shift without the animatronics getting you.

why don't you shut down the animalitrocics?

They need to roam so their Servo motors don't lock up.

why do doors being closed use power?

They are big, heavy doors that use electromagnetism to keep them closed and ensure that an animatronic doesn't get in.

why don't they buy wooden doors with locks?

I LOVE WAFFLES!!! NOOOOOOO.... and you can't shut down the animatronics you can't because they are possessed by children looking for REVENGE

The animatronics would just bust down the wooden doors

then why don't they get wooden animaltorocics?

then why did you apply for the job?

Because you need MONEY and that was the only Job you found that had HIGHER pay. And plus you didn't know the Animatronics are haunted.

then why don't you get an easier job without animaltrocics