Help with my scratchblocks project

I need help with this project.
In another one I have no idea what blocks I need (shown in a comment).
also I need help with a block that reports blocks from scratchblocks code. (100% requires JS because you can do things in scratchblocks that are not possible in :snap:
If anyone could help me that would be great!

you could use my script builder library

to use this block:
(Unforunately multiargs aren't supported (yet, maybe?))


does anyone know how to debug the blockspec custom block?

The blockspec of block doesn't have to be so complicated.
You can just do:
(block spec ((block)::sensing)::sensing)::events hat
report (call (JavaScript function [block] [return block.expression.blockSpec;]::operators)with inputs (block)::control)::control cap

i don't know what the bugs are supposed to be

dont worry @helicoptur fixed them

just need help with the scratchblocks script

There is a Shift menu "to scratchblocks..."
Based on this PR

no there isn't



If it's not that you are trying to achieve
toScratchblocks script pic (1)
then sorry to bother you...

I am

we can't put hat blocks in rings :~(

I made some progress!
Now it's pretty much done except I don't know how to get the category of a block.
Edit: Found out how to do that, though it requires javascript.

I see no way to reference the hat block other than by index in the scripts array of the spritetoScratchblocks script pic (3)

I need help with a block that reports blocks from scratchblocks code.
(if it is possible it requires JS since you can do things in scratchblocks that you can't do in :snap:)


Scratchblocks parser can be build based on Tim Radvan & Co scratchblocks to SVG
It should be quite easy to get blockSpec list instead of SVG but there still will be a problem to create a real Snap! blocks.

Snap natively supports XML export and import so probably it's a better choice if You try to build something like a network shared backpack or coeditor.