Help with anti-aliasing (JS help?)

this project uses a lot of STAMPing. unfortunately, Snap! uses anti-aliasing, witch makes things blurry. for some reason, on two of the three computers I have tested this in, the anti-aliasing doesn't happen, but I know on some computers it does. is there any way to make it not use anti-aliasing on any device? if there isn't a normal solution, can this be accomplished using JS extensions? I'm not very good with JS in Snap! so I would need help creating the function.

also, I've only been able to test this project on three computers, and they were all Macs, so even if you can't help with the problem, I would appreciate it if you could tell me if you experience anti-aliasing in the project on your device.

expected behavior

the world in the project shouldn't blur when placing blocks (by clicking on the stage)

if you test the project, please tell me whether you experienced the expected behavior or not, along with your OS and browser
Thank you!

I have found a solution for the project that I mentioned, but I would still like a JS function to disable anti-aliasing. is this even possible?