I finally fixed the bitmap blur

yknow when you want to make a pixelated game but you can't because the bitmap blur? well i FINALLY made a custom block to fix it!
Fixed Bitmap script pic
(drag into snap editor)
please leave a review on it! (also i really wanna know what game ideas this gives you)
EDIT: i just realized we already have the stretch block
EDIT EDIT: wait actually i dont think the stretch block does the same thing

Cool, but this has been done before:
untitled script pic (35)

as for game Ideas, I made this game using costume manipulation for pixel graphics a while ago.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't make another one. For all we know, it could be better then the previous one (not that I'm saying it is, I don't actually know how different they are). You should refrain from saying stuff like that. If they are asking for a better script, then you can show them the other script.

sorry @cybersteve547

Also - I don't know where you got that reporter from but here is my original one that doesn't have the undefined block in it

untitled script pic - 2023-10-30T232700.967

there was an undefined block in it?

that was a version I had saved in one of my projects.

i think the undefined block was made in 9.0, but they were using 8.0

untitled script pic (1)
untitled script pic (3)
untitled script pic (1)

mine is slightly faster by about 15 milliseconds
although the output is still the same