Help were being attacked

This will explain it

Betcha its that spammer guy

Yes... I've got a similar e-mail right now about Resetting a Password.
What should I do?

DO Not change your password. Ignore and delete the email.

Why is this on the Snap! Forum instead of the Netsblox one?

Cant login to netsblox

same im getting them to

Huh, I got a password reset for snap, not netsblox, which is kinda strange.

Thankfully I can still log into my netsblox account (although, I never use it...)

Yeah, I got 2 e-mails requesting me resetting my Snap! account password...


i just got my 4th...
and its purple?

huh, after I changed my password (in the editor) I got another email saying I requested a password change (and it was also purple)

@bh, @jens (sorry), whats going on?

Same for me!

I got 1000 temporary password emails from NetsBlox, and 3 password reset emails from snap.

As it says, "If you did not ask to reset your password, please ignore this email."

That's probably a Gmail thing; when a reply has a line exactly the same as one in the previous reply or email in Gmail, it turns that line purple.

Ooooohhh, I did not know that. Thanks.

ohhhhhh, ok