Someone trying to get into my netsblox account and IDK what to do

You ask on the Netsblox forum?

I am getting so many temporary password emails. I can't login.

Can't you still use your regular password?

EDIT: Brian disabled password reset.

Ah. He should rewrite password reset so that it doesn't disable your old password until you complete the handshake. :~)


fun, im not getting it on my netsblox, its from actual snap for me

I got that for Snap! as well, just one email, not a pile. I changed the password from inside Snap! since I happened to be working in an editor window logged-in.


Correction, I now have 3 of those emails

If you get a password-change email you didn't request:

1. Don't panic!
2. Delete the email.
3. No need to change your password.

We've had this sort of attack befpre, and we'll have them again, but they're ultimately harmless. See step 1 above.

Happening again. (with netsblox)

So, I can tell the spammer is reading the forum, because I just got hundreds of temp passwords for netsblox. I know that they're reading the forum because I doubt they could've known I had an account without reading this post

I just got these.

I wouldn't change your password if I were you

Hi @joecooldoo! Just wanted to let you (or anyone else looking for information about the password reset emails in NetsBlox) know that I just made an announcement in the NetsBlox forum! (Excessive Password Reset Emails | NetsBlox). (I am trying not to hijack the thread :wink: )

I am having problems logging in...

Then dm him


You can email him BRIAN.BROLL@GMAIL.COM (it's on his profile)