Help creating the Tom horror game (Part 1)

I want to make an RPG style game (The style my games are normally in) and call it Tom. It would be a psychological horror game I've already got a title screen for it. I just would like some help, maybe with concept art, and with the general code for the game, so the game could be better.

Oh- sorry- I forgot the link..
This is what the game is so far..

It says it does not exist.


Nice project! maybe the first level can be something like this
Tom is in the house, he finds some blood drops that lead to a wardrobe, he goes inside the wardrobe (well, the player does) and everything turns black, there is a jump scare and some kind of creepy whisper is heard, then a cry. Blood is all over the screen and Tom runs out of the house, then he has to survive in the wilderness and find something to defend himself before going in the house.

Yeah, that's a great idea, I also had an idea for maybe at some point in the game:
(It's not replacing your idea, which is great by the way, this could happen at a different point in the game..)
He's on a bus, and he walks in.. then sits down. (The player does.) The people on the bus turn into eyes, as everything fades to black. Then, hands come from the eyes, reaching toward Tom, and right as they're about to get him, the bus comes to a halt, and everything turns to normal..?

then the bus goes to Tom's house?

Maybe..? I just came up with this scene when I was trying to come up with a horror game..

Snap! Build Your Own Blocks. like this?

A little bit like this.. but much smaller of course..

i know what the ending should be!
Tom finds out his mom's brain was taken over by a demon and she hung herself after the demon manipulated into her doing that.

like Snap! 6.7.4 Build Your Own Blocks ?

Yeah, well, I meant from below the eyes.. but, that looks really good, and we could use that, I was also thinking the hands could be really skinny, like, just sorta reaching out for tom

i thought the hand came out of the eyes

This was what I was thinking..
Its just a rough idea and it could be changed..

Yeah, that would a good ending..
what if there were multiple endings/

good ending :
even though the mom is dead, she is now a ghost and only tom can see her.

bad ending:

strange ending:
Tom turns into a monster after the same demon took over.

secret ending:
Tom wakes up, it was just a dream, he is safe and his mom is alive; everything was just a dream

Those are all really good ideas, but with the secret ending..
I don't know I feel like people would be unsatisfied with the whole thing being a dream..?
Wouldn't that be a good ending?

Also, I had an Idea, where Tom could've been left outside by The Parent? Then Tom was trying to find his way back home?

maybe it shouldn't be an ending? maybe the dream alerts tom about something