Has this always been here? and Bug?

Is this new?

Pretty sure it's been like that ever since byob, unless you're talking about something else.

It would help if you gave us the list, or at least the value that you're telling the stage to do.


Well, I guess you'll have to share the code of the 5CScript block because my test didn't result in an error

I find it very hard to read code that's so faded, fwiw.


If the code is so faded, I have to actually read it, but if it's color coded (no fade) then I can just glance at it and know what it does without having to read the text. That's what I like about block based programming.

For me, the color only narrows it down to one of the categories. I then read maybe the first word then know exactly which block it is.

huh, now that I think about it, I too read the first word, but there are other factors I put in. The shape of the block, then inputs, and the positions of the inputs. It just makes it easier to recognize certain functions faster.

I forgot about those, but yeah, I do take the shape and the number, shape, color, and position of inputs into consideration. (my "s" key doesn't work very well, thus I misspelled that as "conideration".)

This is information theory at work.

Pretty much all text (including blocks) has a lot of redundancy. If I say "Happy b--" you know what the rest of the second word is. With blocks, the shape and color are like extra letters in the text, narrowing down the possibilities.

It's only annoying if there is a block in front or behind :slight_smile:

It's not 100% faded, I can still see the colors...
Also I can't go back, the blocks with no fade hurt my eyes now.
It would take some adjusting I just don't want to do.

But this on the other hand...

Indeed I know it'd be "birthday". But here's one you might not be able to guess in one guess: "the cat said m--".

Gah! That's why I hate light mode on nearly everything.

I love being a happy bit-

Haha! :~D

Right, it's not 100% guaranteed. Information theory is about how to formalize just how many % guaranteed it is!

Did you guess?

Of course.

What'd you guess?

What is it? I can't figure it out