Glock 20-S

Glock 20-S 15 bullet mag, silencer.


[SPACE] - Shoot
[R KEY] - Reload

Enjoy the project!

Scratch Original [Better Quality]

Cool right


Geez what's with all these violent projects?

It’s not violent, it is showing the mechanics of a gun. No one is at the other end of the gun and I even didn’t put a bullet on most of them.

Lol Snap has evolved to this

I made these in Scratch lol.

If it was violent there would be gore or a human target.

These projects aren't directly violent in that sense, but people who fall in love with guns often end up using them.

Thats like saying people who fall in love with p.... often try assaulting people in that manner


Inappropriate images of inappropriate actions.

Also, I have always been interested in history, I'm also interested in weapons from WW1 and WW2. Also the American Revolution too, I saw a project on Scratch like mine but with WW2 guns. As you know The weapons back then were more complicated, so, I started off easy making easy ones. I want to go up to bolt actions rifles like the Lee Enfield and Mosin Nagant. The only intent I have in these is too learn and get better so that I can make ones about World War Two and possibly WW1. I would likely end up using these in games I make. If I were to ever use guns it would be for PD, USAF (Military), or related field. I would never in the world harm and innocent person or shoot anyone blatantly unless in time of war, policing, self defense, etc. I know how dangerous they are, how stupid they can be, and I have my opinions on it. People who go and do violent acts with guns, go to hell, rot in hell. If I were to ever obtain a gun, I would either lock it up and keep it safe for times, such as a break in or other matters. If I were to ever receive one from someone else, or find one, I would not take it or call 911 non emergency number if found.

Shootings are stupid, dumb, performed by idiots, depressed teenagers, I also view life as a huge gift and would never give it up or throw it away. I’m not that kind of person.

Gun violence sucks.

Plus I don’t really like games that have guns in them that are not like WW1 or WW2 or other historical conflict based. I really love WW2 history, it’s cool.

Okay. That's all cool.

Except for the part about taking the gun out of the safe in case of a breakin. The statistics on that are very clear: People who try it either shoot themselves or have the gun taken away from them by the bad guy and then get shot with it. Or they shoot the bad guy and then get arrested themselves because you're not allowed to do that if the burglar is just after your property and not threatening your life. Successful gun defenses against burglars are very rare. I recommend leaving the gun in the safe and calling 911.

Steps: Call 911, grab gun just in case, hide. Only use it if it comes to it. Only use fire arm if burglar armed. Do not shoot unless attacked.

It's especially useful if you are stuck in an infinite place full of entities and things that will KILL you.

Okay. Just sayin', the odds are against you in that situation. You're statistically safer without the gun. I realize that's counterintuitive.

Ok, back on topic now.

Don't know if you get that pop culture reference. Maybe not.

Not really.... SCP?....