Give the stage all the same primitives as sprites

There’s a reason as to why it’s removed in scratch, I get it. But the stage not having them in snap doesn’t make much sense, because the stage can use the tell blocks and condification and many other things that relate to primitives. Why not have them? This may go outside the scope of this suggestion but maybe also moving the stage with the blocks could make the background scroll and loop?

The real question is, how would it work?

Well they wouldn’t need to work necessarily. As long as the blocks are there it’s okay.
But if they wanted to they could go the extra mile and add functionality to them

(Changed title because not just motion primitives are missing)

What? You're suggesting them add blocks that don't do anything? You can already do that with custom blocks.

im sorry what?

but then the backdrop is just a sprite but ∞ layers down, meaning it would be useless to have a backdrop at all.

But they can do things if you tell other sprites to use them and use condification

im an idiot what does condification mean

I don’t think it’s coded that way, because backdrops are a different data type than costumes. I know this from when I made that shader system

yea what does it mean i barely know snap at all

From what I know it’s giving blocks values and then reading them


so inherit?

Kind of? It’s not the same, it’s basically like this. imagine you have a block, you get a note and then attach the note to the block, then reading that note and returning its value later on. That’s what from what I’ve seen condification is. It’s probably a lot more than that

so a variable connected to a script

i have no idea whats happening anymore the posts are posting too fast

Someone else could probably explain this better

If you're trying to do that, then just drag and drop the blocks from a sprite into the stage. The reason they're not in the stage, is because they would confuse a new user.

But that gets kinda tedious. Maybe they could be added to the “hide blocks” setting so you could Unhide them?

wait so should backdrops have motion blocks or not this conversation seems to be going nowhere