German number names

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Nice project. I can't get used to how German makes huge long words by stringing together little words. Hard to parse (for a non-native).

I recommend first dividing the numeral into groups of three digits starting from the right; you can probably get RESHAPE to do that. Then the part you've already written becomes a helper function in charge of three-digit groups. At least that's how I do it in English.

How would they even remember up to 100 if they are all like this, I don’t find a need to study German numbers myself but damn.

I mean, in the huge example number, "9,876,543,210" it would spit out "Neunmilliardenachthundertsechsundsiebzigmillionenfünfhundertdreiundvierzigtausendzweihundertzehn"
But just as equally garbled is the English "Pronunciation," which is
"Nine billion, eight hundred and seventy-six million, five hundred and forty-three thousand, two hundred, and ten"
So it's just like how we would remember numbers and their placements, except German mashes them into a single word.

If you think about it, English does pretty much the same thing with stringing lots of words together to make different words, probably because English has German roots. Just food for thought though.

German and English are equally hard when you're saying or writing the number names. But when you're reading or listening to a number, I think it's harder in German because the spaces between words make the whole thing easier to parse. Well, so maybe only for reading; I don't know whether there are audible pauses when you say a German number.

By the way, when they taught me this stuff way back in elementary school, they taught me to say "and" only between the whole number part and the fraction part (including decimal fractions). So it's "eight hundred seventy-six," "five hundred forty-three," and "two hundred ten." (It's of some actual importance when writing checks.)

Same, but I personally think it sounds weird to say "three and four tenths". I just say "three point four".

Indeed. But you say "three dollars and forty cents." :~)

ha- got'em


Not to play Devil's Advocate, but I'd just say "Tree Fortee" and forget the dollar and cents altogether.

And you're probably right about the reading/listening thing, sometimes I just forget languages exist and just hear the noises. Saying a really long word would probably be confusing to listen to, let alone say!

I hate when people do that in a context in which $3.40 and $340.00 are both plausible amounts, though.

Most of the stuff in the final REPORT does that.

I just remade this from scratch yesterday. And it works! Now all I need is to know if it's "zweimilliardeein" or "zwei Milliarde ein", and what comes after "Trilliarde".

Just fixed the names for "4", "14", and "40".

Added English number names, with decimal-point support.

Oh and because I can't post again:

What about in British English?

Dunno for sure, but don't you think "eight hundred seventy-six" sounds more British than "eight hundred and seventy-six"? ;~)


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