Gacha_attacker (a game I made)

wanna check this out as a website? sure!
Okay so:

I've been working on this for a while (like, multiple weeks), and I'm confident enough in it to release it (in a beta stage- it's definitely not complete). When I add stuff, I'll be posting here!

In presentation mode: check it out
In like the normal project mode: it's better here lol

The game won't make sense unless you read these:

"Gacha_attacker basic summary and stuff" (essentially a mini-tutorial)

"Gacha_attacker characters" (more info about gacha and all the characters)

This image is really, really long- and gets cut off! I can't have it here, so check out this link for the image.

Also, note that the character sheet is somewhat outdated. It covers most, but not all, characters.

Bug stuff:

(in order of priority)

  • Opening the GACHA menu removes all enemies.
  • Bouncer can be boosted but with no effect.
  • Bouncer's bounce ability causes intense lag.
  • Policer's ability uses many if-checks, slowing the game down.

Going to (try to) add:

  • Bug fixes!!
  • More characters ;)
    Booster effect for Bouncer!
  • In the same vein as better variable displays, better art/shapes for bullets, enemies, and the player.

i found quite a few bugs:

  • holding space to shoot spawns so many bullets it lags heavily (and stops after a bit for some reason?)
  • almost every sprite is draggable
  • opening the gacha menu removes all enemies

as for the gameplay, i didn't enjoy it, it's mostly just waiting for enemies, and i never saw more than one enemy on screen at a time.

Yeah, there are a ton of bugs. I noticed all of those too.

Default’s buffer ability is one that came about accidentally, and it lags a lot. I don’t quite know how to fix it (maybe making colliding bullets deal more damage?). If it wasn’t clear, Default’s buffer lasts for 5 bullets, then you need to normally shoot for a while.

Thanks for telling me about the draggable thing, I completely blanked on that. Enemies get deleted when the Gacha menu opens as a band-aid fix for a larger problem (enemies don’t stop moving when the gacha menu opens). Also something I’m working on.

Generally, the first bit is quite slow- levels 1-5 are supposed to be that way, as like a tutorial space. After that, you should be trying to get characters through Gacha, which speeds the game up and makes it more fun (at least, that’s what I think).

Thanks for all the feedback- I’m going to work on the game more today.

what the hell is a gacha

edit: nevermind is explained

It’s explained on the detail things I put.

teensy-weensy update: pity

so in this like minor update, I've added one thing. a 5star pity system! if you have reached 45+ pulls for 5stars and haven't gotten a 5star character, the next pull on an UP 5star will be that 5star.

as an example:
If I accumulate 45 or more total pulls on UP 5stars, the next pull on an UP 5star will be that character.

bugs fixed:

  • only one! the draggable thing. hopefully in the next minor update i'll be able to fix more

id suggest scenes or broadcasts

Don't forget to create the variable 4pity. I get an error:

That’s an issue! I thought I removed all references to it (4pity was going to be part of the pity system, but I decided against it), but it seems I didn’t. Thanks for telling me!

EDIT: Okay, it should be fixed.

teensy-weensy update: new characters

so in this minor update, we got some new characters!
there are 2 new 3stars:

  • Greenery
  • Minor

there is one new 4star:

  • Policer

power overview!
Greenery's bullets get larger with each BOOST, making it easier to hit enemies.
Minor makes the player very small, making it so enemies have to get very close to hit you.

Policer makes the "safe" area (where enemies don't spawn) the following:

  1. visible
  2. at mouse-pointer
  3. bigger (with each BOOST)

new known issues:

  • policer's ability slows the game down (a lot).

teensy-weensy update: making it beautiful!!!

so so so, in this minor update, I added two amazing things! one - new variable display. two - new characters.

starting off with the new variable display, it's pen, and doesn't slow down the game. should work perfect.

i added a few new chars too!
shield-o, 3star, decreases points lost when hit by an enemy
stumble, 4star, makes enemies not look at you
trixie, 5star, pressing DOWNARROW teleports you to mouse, and follows mouse for a short time.

teensy-weensy update: chiller

two things (an add and a QoL [quality of life] fix)

  • bomberman's enemy ability makes enemies super, super fast at lv8-ish. not great! so now, after lv5, enemies move slightly faster than w/o bomberman, but the speed boost is lower.
  • a saving/loading system by pressing ENTER in the secretive feature club!

oh also there's a "secretive feature club". to get access to the secretive features, set the db key pj--gacha_attacker--inBeta to 1 in any project (or auto-join). because this is just testing right now, the features aren't like crazy formally supported- it's a test, and may get removed at any time, or the formatting may change (rendering previous savecodes unusable for a hot minute).

chiller mini-update list

- I made a save modifier! You can create entirely new saves and also modify existing saves.
- I'm tentatively removing the Default's ability, just because it makes the game laggy.
- Points are now given based on enemy base health. If the enemy starts with 4 or 5 health, you'll get 1 point. If it starts with 6 or 7 health, you'll get 2 points.
- Pressing UPARROW allows you to convert points into 5pity (as long as you have 30 or less pity).
- Fixed a bug where setting the UP! character reset boost level
- Implemented boss fight system. Details will be added
- made bomberman enemies slower.
- fixed a bug where bomberman's bombs did no damage
there will be three (3) more mini-updates before chiller is officially complete

reminder thing

you can play characters as soon as they're made! here's how:

  1. check out the project in edit mode
  2. scroll over to the "gacha" sprite
  3. look for a large comment near the bottom of the sprite that starts with "CHARACTERS - NORM ABILITY - BOOST ABILITY"
  4. go down to "TO BE FORMALLY MENTIONED"
  5. copy a character name
    5a. if you haven't already, join the secretive feature club!
  6. open the save modifier
  7. add the character's name
  8. load the save into the game
  9. enjoy to your heart's content!

however; y'all: don't bug report features that haven't been mentioned as part of an update (i.e., characters, "i might work on this" being implemented). i'll say when something is complete and ready to be tested for bugs and played normally!

people who's cookies dont save:

I'll make a quick project to allow people to join the secretive feature club easily. Un momento.

ok thanks

All right, here it is. The gacha_attacker secretive feature club auto-joiner! Press the green flag and you're in.

i already joined it before you shared the project lol

Yeah, I know some people (you included) did, but @mr_owlssssnap2 had the problem of having to set the cookie tons of times. So I made a project to automatically do it!