Gacha_attacker (a game I made)

There's a new bug where moving to the next banner sets the character boost to 0. If you do this:

  1. You pull and got the character.
  2. You pull again and got boosted.
  3. You pull again until max boost and got 50 points.
  4. Suddenly you run out of pulls and when it goes to the next banner, my boost is lost. :sob:

A new issue!

That's not a bug- if you switch to another character, you lose all progress on a previous character, which is intentional. It's supposed to be a hard decision (if you've put in work to boost a character) to switch to a new character: are they powerful enough to be worth it?

Do you mean from spending them on a new character's banner?

No, I mean, it's like this:

Can you fix this?

Hmm. That is an issue. I'll look into that!
EDIT: Alright, it should be fixed - the issue was that when setting the UP! character, it also set the charBoost to 0. I don't know why that was, and now the charBoost is only reset when you get a new character.

boss fight system :00

starting at dataLevel 1.3, you can access boss fights! these are unique, ultra-powerful enemies that have special different powers. defeating a boss gives you extra points! each character will have their own boss fight.

currently supported boss fight characters (you can engage in boss fights with them): Default, Bomberman