Fun with ai

It’s mainly so that you can share your answers with other people and have them import it

I added importing

Press space to export your questions and i to import

Adding data sharing over ye cloud would absolutely make this a lot better

And don’t worry importing adds the questions onto the current dataset instead of overwriting it

but what if people put bad and incorrect stuff in it thats why i added anti sus and it still doesn't catch all bad things

The save code is really just raw json so it’s easy to see what the code adds, if we aren’t doing cloud then there’s no reason to have it

I have an idea for another data type, we could make nick display an expression based on what is asked

Here’s an example of save codes

"": "",
"This is a test sentance, when I say test nick should respond with this, if you see this than it’s working,": "This is a test sentance, when I say test nick should respond with this, if you see this than it’s working,",
"Test": "this is a test response, when I say test nick should respond with this. If you are seeing this it means it’s working!"

Don’t ask why it’s doubbled I have literally no idea and this is the only time it’s happened

that sounds cool but the reason i added saving was so your ai was personalized and you didn't have to restart from scratch and then there's the problem of a question having two answers
if you can fix that then your idea might work

It’s fixed it only happened that one time

Vhappy  2

cool i added a ban feature thow you should make it so if he gets maxemum angry he bans you

No no no no

The expression is chosen by the user
I just added expressions, check it out!

Adding a filter to the cloud servers is basically useless because
A: that’s the users responsibility not ours
B: you can just write directly to the cloud list from another project, this also allows other projects to interact with this one creating an api for nick

Would you be willing to tackle security for that.

TLDR @slate_technologies we would LOVE to have acess to one of those cloud variables

I guess but I feel that we should have a list of words that if there in a question or answer are at least replaced by a different word

also I love your ideas and would like to make your version the official version of Nick

Again no reason to do that as you can write directly to the list from another project, unlesss you want to setup a server side project but someone would need to just keep the project open and never swap tabs or do anything that would pause the project, besides I’m pretty sure it’s allowed anyway. If there’s something super offensive we can just overwrite it ourselves
And AGAIN you could just write directly to the communication channel unless we implement some sort of key system

I guess
but I was thinking it would get filtered before it got sent to the cloud

That’s the issue. You can’t do that because the cloud servers can be written to directly without the need to use the project
The project itself would need to contain the filter code because the sever cannot do that making having a filter useless and it would also make adding onto the project much more difficult

We also cannot detect context so it would just get in the way more than anything

If there really is an issue we can just remove it ourselves

that’s what I wanted in the code before it is sent to the cloud for it to replace really bad words with nicer ones


ok I guess we’ll just have to clean up the cloud from time to time

by the way I really like how you turned nick into an acronym

nick academy needs spacing fixing in math scores