I need some help with P.A.N.S the ai

I have created an ai called P.A.N.S. or Personal Ai with Natural Speech
i have added emotions for every response and I need some art
but there’s a catch you have to code the costume using the pen tool
because I want P.A.N.S. To be non dependent
so it makes its own costumes using the pen
if I like the emotion I will add it to P.A.N.S.

if you submit you costumes here then I will add your username to the credits

I made a "Happy" face! It uses pen, arcs, and the new-costume block.
untitled script pic - 2023-11-17T102820.834

untitled script pic - 2023-11-17T102802.832

I'm making some more in this project. I've made a sad one, and I'm going to make an angry one, hopefully.

that’s really cool I’m going to add that

@pajamaclaws21 do you think you can remove to new costume block
because P.A.N.S. Creates its costumes a different way
all you have to do is draw the emotion and I can do the rest
because I don’t know how that new costume block works

I made some for you already do you not remember?

Ok, I've made it only use pen.

Here’s all of them that I made for you

yes I’ll add those to it as well

also thanks I’ll add them at once

@pajamaclaws21 they have all been added
thank you for the emotions

No problem!