Fun with ai

nick academy needs spacing fixing in math scores


Especially once we add security it should be harder to spam the api

Currently just waiting on @slate_technologies to provide us with the cloud variables


also this isn’t the place you ask that go to my post on nick os for that

yoo hoo @slate_technologies that’s your que

we need some cloud variables stat

@cookieclickerer33 you still there

Yeah I’m gonna investigate slates profile and see if they posted anything

Ok where is it

ok that’s a good idea

I checked he hasn’t commented on anything for a while

also @cookieclickerer33 is it ok if I add database nick to Nick os

Yep that’s fine (as long as there’s some credit cuz I did a lot of it)

ok I’m glad you could help

also I’m not on my computer right now so I’ll add it tonight

These costumes are great! Except for these angry ones, in which I think the eyebrows need work. The main thing is that I think they should be thicker, but also, the point where they meet should be above Alonzo's mouth, which is the center of his face. (It's a little tricky because he's not looking straight at us; his head is turned to his left.) And I would make them shorter, but I feel less strongly about that.

I was somewhat limited on what I could do because I was using scratches paint editor, that’s the best I can do for vectors but it’s still not very easy to use, the eyebrow thickness is actually the thickness of the outlines on gobos costumes and eyes themselves so it makes sense to be that

I have an idea what if there are to answers to the same question it picks a random one of the two