Fosdem 24

On Friday, I took the plunge and decided to goto FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.

I met up with the Snap! and Microblocks teams and had a fantastic time :slight_smile:

Once I'm back home, I'll hopefully find links to video of the sessions I went to and post them on here.

For the moment, this is myself with Jens, Jadga, Bernat, Peter, Bart, Turgut, Kathy and John

DANG! You're lucky!

Aw, man! Sorry I missed it. Especially the kid part, although it didn't look as if any of those presentations were by kids.

I'm at breakfast meeting with microblocks team and being suggested for next time

Cool. Say hi to everyone if you're still with them!

I'm now on my way to Bruges for some sight-seeing

I never believed I would meet with a developer irl, much less seeing a group. Nice pic, @cymplecy :heart:

Well it's taken me to the age of 64 to achieve it :slight_smile:

You, my friend, are LUCKY.

Oh I was wondering where you were in the picture other than that THAT IS COOL I WISH I WAS THERE

I wasn't there, alas!

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Just come back to this thread while on train from Bruges to Brussels :slight_smile:

Can you split it from this point on your language discussion

So I can add technical stuff to it when I get back home tomorrow :slight_smile:


Oh, I missed this topic. Still being a little high on FOSDEM I guess. :grin: We had a lot of fun with Bernat, Jens, Jadga, Simon, Kathy, Turgut, John Maloney and Bart.

And of course we had a lot of serious talk also. About next years FOSDEM. To make FOSDEM junior even better than this year. We have a whole year to prepare. :sunglasses:

I'd forgotten about the topic you created when I created this one :slight_smile:

Just wating for the videos to become available now :slight_smile:

The SNAP! presentation is available for viewing now.

Maybe it's just me, but while the fosdem website says the webm version is complete, it garbles just before the Q&A section.

In the browser version and downloaded. MP4 seems to work, atleast in browser, which is how I know the last part is a Q&A.

Edit: Garbled part is "53:56 - 55:15"

There is nothing they can do about it. @jens already asked.

im so jealous i wanna meet jens and brian