Adverbs and cringe (English lesson)

Yeah I read the post so I knew that but before I looked at your post I looked at the picture.
EDIT: What is alas

It's a phrase of exclamation, like "aw, man!".


It's more specific than that; it implies that the thing the sentence is about is a bad thing. Synonym of "unfortunately" or "sadly."

Ok I’m confused

But alas, @awdeni doesn't understand our way of speech.

Oh now I understand but alas kinda like alast and yet and man right?

Not "yet." "Yet" is a kind of verb. "Alas" is an exclamation. You can take "alas" out of a sentence and it still makes sense. You just can't do that with "yet."

Haha, good example.

What? "Yet" is an adverb. You can't say, "Hey, bluebaritone21, yet the dog."

Sure you can. "Have you washed the dishes yet?" means more or less the same thing as "Have you washed the dishes?" except that the "yet" hints at the speaker being annoyed.

Alast? Yet? Man? I know what "yet" means, but do you mean "man" as in "adult male human being"? And I don't think "alast" is a word.

"Alas, I didn't win the lottery." I'm saying that it's sad that I didn't win. You wouldn't ordinarily say "Alas, I won the lottery," not unless you hate money.

Ahahahaha XD I do not know what? Idk idk I’m confused also saying XD is kinda cringe and saying Cringe is kinda millennial

Whops. I messed that up.

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You ... just did.

I like "cringe" as an adjective. It's cute. We used to say "cringeworthy," which means the same thing. As language evolves, words get shorter.

So, wait, do you now understand what "alas" means?


Kinda and also why did you folks stop saying cringeworthy Letme guess words get shorter

I'm not sure we did. It's just that young(er) people started saying "cringe," and over time older people, one by one, are picking it up too. By now it's used in headlines in the New York Times, so it's officially okay even for old people now.