has someone already implemented some kind of form in a project: like a settings page for example

check box, drop down menu, string field, slider, etc

huh? I don't understand.

There are no ready-made blocks to compose form with blocks. Kind of data entry can be made with variable watchers and "ask" block.
You can roll your own dialog library using nested sprite and direct pixel manipulations.
There is an example GUI written entirely with blocks (has even vector font)

Full-featured dialogs can be built with JSFunction and Morphic (internal Snap! JS library) or with user-made HTML blocks.

Thank's a lot, i will check this code...

I don't like the ask block... i will try to devlop my own block...

link to a scratch project that accepts input text
You can convert it with sanapinator iy ou wish to use the code.

Oh, very slow, if you type quickly, some letters are missing...


I wouldn't use Snapinator, because the Scratch project is a lot of nested if loops, which are slower in Snap. Here is a better way to do it. You can probably do better using JavaScript, but I like using only Snap.

Sorry for the delay, I hadn't seen the link ...
I like it: I will optimize and perform tests ... (problem of slowness)
Thank you

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