For Non-English People Only!: (Best) Paraphrasing (+ Grammar Errors Fixing) Tool

Huh, I thought autocorrect would correct you and say "is not" and not "not is"

  1. I don't have auto-correct.
  2. I have a grammar checker that says "Double-check whether a hyphen is needed here" on "auto-correct", suggesting "auto correct".
  3. I have a spellchecker that says the plural of "software", "softwares" isn't a word:

I did use Grammarly, but I now prefer the QuillBot, especially for its (free-of-charge, 'Standard') paraphrasing options, which Grammarly doesn't include.

If this has changed since I stopped using Grammarly, then please let me know.

No idea, never used Grammarly, only know it from the ads.

As someone who currently has Grammarly installed- no, it hasn't changed.

I know so many people who only know Grammarly from the ads :rofl:

i got this when i modify your post because chrome is in french (?):

I only know it from people calling me "Grammarly" as an insult for me correcting their words and sentences. I'M SORRY, I AM A NERD AND YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT.

Then one day I was like "What the heck is this 'Grammarly' thing?" and BAM! I found out about Grammarly.

Wow, I'm so sorry for you. Glad the snap forums are waaaaay less toxic than other social media platforms. (Yes, there is some toxicity here, but not too much)

I'm not to say that I'm not toxic, so I'll admit it here.

I've been toxic.


In the Chrome language settings you need to enable also one of the English ones in addition to French language, which is probably the only language you now have enabled under the "use spell check for" section. See the screenshot.

What does your PFP represent now? Does it represent a...cow?...chewing on vinyl record disk?...

Ha ha, good one.
(I think the black is intended to represent the hollow.)

Lots of people think that. Anything that looks like a cow is probably a giraffe.

Nope. Just a big mouth. This PFP is for April Fools Day, but I decided to use this PFP only on Snap! Forums.


Regular PFP:

Valentines Day PFP:
Valentines Day Logo

Mothers Day PFP:
Mothers Day Logo

Fathers Day PFP:
Fathers Day Logo

Christmas PFP:
Christmas Logo

April Fools PFP:
April Fools Logo

Person PFP:
Person Logo


(Let's get back on topic)

I originally thought it was a bird.

Good job

Wow, these are really cool!

@bh Could you split these posts?

Hmm... Does this remind you of something?

Is your PFP based on the stuffed animal, or the other way around?

I remember when I first joined Scratch, I made a rigidbody engine, which was the same engine I made for my DevSquare project, and then some idiot (Should I add "[REDACTED]" instead of "idiot"?) said something mean, and I will never forget it. He said "Bruh its just a falling square and this project only has 50 views sad lol".

First off, he said "lol" even though I (and most of my school friends) didn't find any humor in a mean comment. And secondly, who cares if it only has 50 views or not?! IT'S MY FIRST PROJECT! EVERYBODY STARTS SOMEWHERE!

But this was early 2020, and the pandemic has made people terms of behavior and such, so I should have expected that kind of a comment.

I'm kinda surprised - a bully replying to a project that no one cares about. Not that I'm shocked about the mean comment - I was, but more about how the heck (Should I say "he" with the two toothpicks next to it?) this man managed to find my project.

This has left a sour taste in my mouth for a while, and I still can't get it off my tongue.