For Non-English People Only!: (Best) Paraphrasing (+ Grammar Errors Fixing) Tool

If you are, like me, non-English person and would like your forum posts to be understood better by people on the forum, you'll love this Chrome extension.

To begin, go to the Chrome web store and install the QuillBot extension, or if you want to test it first on their homepage, you will see the link to the extension there, too. See the printscreen.

Watch the video that will demonstrate in an actual case how to fix grammar errors and paraphrase the text.

Once you've installed it, a green icon will appear in the bottom right corner; you'll need to wait a few moments for it to change from the round one to the robot one.

Then you can choose from the three options:

a) paraphrase the selected text (or the whole text) at once - you get to choose from three different paraphrases (the "Standard" ones are for free, while to get more than three you would need to get a Premium (paid) version, but the three "standard" ones are more than enough to choose from).

b) fix the grammar errors one by one (or all at once).

c) open its homepage to use other options.

That's all, folks.: ~)

This isn't really a tutorial about Snap! guess I can flag it as off-topic?

I won't flag it yet. I'll see what the community thinks.

Is it a tutorial?

I don't think it's a tutorial...It's more of a "How to" for life and writing, not a Snap! tutorial.

Thank you !

With the extension:
(I appreciate it.)
(Thank you very much.)

I was initially thinking to put this thread in another category, for example in the "feature request" one (as it has subcategories, one for the actual Snap! editor, another for the forum, and third one for the community website) but then I have changed my mind - because this is not really a feature request.

It could be a "forum feature request", though, but only if the forum software allowed for automatical grammar check and correction, but it probably doesn't.

It is a proposal for non-native English speakers on the forum (if I may say @nieznajomyh included) to use this extension to make the posts easier to understand for other people.

So this is kind of a tutorial, except that it's about making forum posts better by using the extension.

Thank you for finding the topic useful and for being willing to use the extension, Patrick!

(I find the extension useful because I struggle with English and its grammar, too.)

Nice tutorial.


I speak french, and you?

Why not use Grammarly?

This sentence is wordy and may be hard to read….

@joecooldoo nice pfp

no yours

If you use Microsoft Edge, it should mark grammatical errors:

Screenshot (13)
Screenshot (14)

Also most softwares come with autocorrect. (WarpedWartWars: Edge makes a blue line under "Also" there and a red one under "softwares".) (Pajama: "Also", both instances of "softwares", and "right click" and "it's left-click" are all underlined in Chrome with Grammarly. Nothing under "rde lnie".)

Press "Edit" on the bottom of this comment.

Then look at my post. You see there is a rde lnie under the words "rde lnie"?
If you right click (for me it's left-click. -WWW) on them, there should be a suggestion stating the word that it thinks you wanted to type.

That's just spell check, not grammar check.

This definitely not is english

EDIT: You're right. Google did not correct it.

I only see a red line under "english" there. Let's see:

This definitely not is English.

Huh. No blue line.

That's because the word "english" is technically supposed to be capitalized, but nobody really cares a lot of people don't really care, unless you're writing something formal.

I do.


*a lot of people don't care