Fish Eaters (Part 2)

  • designers, these help the others, fourum account needed.
  • game devs, these make the game, snap account needed and fourum account needed.
  • web devs, these help with the website, fourum, snap, and replit account needed.

only 2 positions max are allowed... 1 is ok, but you can do 2, your wish

the ai fishes are trying to not get eaten, they might use a neural network or something... @slate_technologies

Wait, why did you mention me? Just curious

to just call you very quick, when I mention you, you get a notification :slight_smile: , you must be new to the :snap: forums

so uh @slate_technologies, what position(s) would you like to take here?

I want to work on the AI coding, so technically I want to take upon the Game Dev position


I added you to the home screen

@sir_kitten and @joecooldoo, you are on the replit for the website...

Oh, I just saw the project on your profile @spacer. And here's what I think I could code to make the AI fishes.

There will be a random integer selecter. This random integer decides whether the fish wants to get eaten and deal with the deathly consequences or whether the fish wants to run away and NOT get eaten.

Then, the fish would stay at it's X Position and wait until you catch it, or it will shift it's X Position if it is in your X Position. Sounds good?

Im already working on the AI's...

Oh :frowning:

You can help if you want! :smiley:

Oh OK! :slight_smile:

So, what first... Make the fish move randomly?

Oh yeah, I saw your project on an online server using Cloud Variable blocks. I'm making a classroom software, kind of like Google Classroom, in Snap! and I am currently using Browser Data. But are cloud variables better for online or Browser Data?

It depends. Browser data is local, but cloud is Online.

Oh thank you for the information.

If you use cloud, you can have someone make an account and get their data on any device.
edit: you can also use their username

Lemme give you a demo of my software, so you can give me feedback