Fish Eaters (Part 2)


Here is the demo (Please reply to this comment once you have read it) Snap! Build Your Own Blocks


You can make a classroom and pretend that you are 19 or older (That is if you aren't 19) to test the classroom functions

Feel free to remix this project and make some major adjustments

You should make a new topic for this in collaborations so we arent flaged

Here is the "Help Wanted" forum post for ClassTime: Classtime (PLEASE HELP!)

well, um... not the most realistic...

He means that it will let the player eat the fish.

Let's make that "Fish is too slow and coffin dance starts"


yeah lol...

that's a minigame. :man_facepalming:

[Off-topic]Could you check out the ClassTime Topic? Its a pretty cool project im working on.[/Off-topic]

I just pretended I was 19 and made a class lol... not the best security...

I dont know how to really verify if you are an adult.

2 steps : use email confirmation, then block 10 minute email sites.

let's work on fish eaters now...

cant email someone, plus we want it account free.

let's do this ok


ok, what you want to work on?

idk, wdy want to work on?

well, for the next topic the general theme is ai...