find first itemblock broken

find first item should report false if it does not discover an item that matches the predicate in the list it searches. Instead, it reports a blank output.

they decided to report an empty string instead of false. They just haven't updated the help screen.

Oh oops I'll try to fix that... For some reason Jens decided to change it to report an empty string, dunno why...

huh, it's been like that for a very very long time. I'm pretty sure someone actually asked about it before too.

edit: here it is Find first item ( ) in list - Bug in help and manual

Yeah, yeah, I'm way behind. You wanna take charge of documentation? If not, you have to wait until I get my income tax done. :~(

Oh, no. I was just pointing out that it was reported before.

I could, although I'm not online often.

Sure, look for missing/incorrect help screens and fix them!

All I need now is that font I'm blanking on the name of. Baskerville.

If there are any bug reports of this type, i.e., missing/incorrect help screens, just tag me and I'll add/fix them if I'm online.

Edit: What should I do about When bignums on, make numeric slots accept +-*/ and i? I can't make a second fork.

A top tip I was given, from a git expert, when offering PRs on someone else's project, is to create a new branch (name it something to do with your proposed PR) on your fork.

Then do your changes and then make the pull request from that branch.

Once that pull request is accepted - delete the branch and re-sync your fork with the Snap! master branch.

Ah, I remember getting in trouble about this myself. You don't want to make a fork; you want to make a branch. And you can have as many of those as you want.

I don't know how.

that's super easy. When you click on the branches button
then just type in the new branch name, and then press enter.

Oh! I thought there'd be a button.

well, there's a button in github desktop

i can!

I don't have GitHub Desktop.

How do I make a new branch from jmoenig/Snap instead of WarpedWartWars/Snap? None of the branches on mine are identical to jmoenig/Snap.

I think you can just point to Jens's master as the master for your branch(es).