Film Projector

Since you have the "immersive viewing experience" of the headset in this design, think about combining the animation disk with a background card that mounts to the solid wall of the viewer, behind the spinning disk. The background could, for instance, be a forest scene and the disk could be a bunny jumping or squirrel running. Kids could design for the disk and also for the background.
Great work!

I don't remember if I have commented on this or not yet, but I like this. Of course its not real light shining through a frame, but when i recieve things, but its still a nice way to introduce students to the [scratchblocks]broadcast [ v]::control[/scratchblocks] blocks and the When I receive [ v] hat

oh and also there is a lot of new people in this thread lol

Here's a video! Motorized Zoetrope - YouTube

Here is a video of my final Viewing Box in action: Animation Viewing Box Demo - YouTube

The Animation Viewing Box is nice but since there is no shutter you don't actually see the images animate; they just rotate past. Since the images are back lit it would be easy to add an LED strobe that flashes at the right moments to create the animation effect. Just a thought!

Agreed. The strobe would make a nice addition. Good job with the project!

here is my final animation machine!

For our group of 4: @isabella_mehrotra @cmarotta
Here is a link to the video showing our final product!

Another video of a motorized zoetrope:

Here's a video of the working design. It still has a few issues (namely the gear ratio that controls the shutter wheel, and I'm not quite satisfied with the speed) but I'm happy with it as a proof of concept.

Cool! You've got the right snapping motion for the shutter. The gear ratio may not be perfect for hand cranking but I could imagine it being a good gear ratio if the mechanism were driving by an electric motor. Did the gear train work the first time or did you need to make adjustments to the shape of the gear teeth or other things?

That works nicely to create an animation effect. Seeing this, I have a better appreciation for why the Zoetrope was such a brilliant invention -- the slits always line up with the images across from them so that the "shutter" (i.e. the slits) is automatically synchronized with the animation frames, regardless of the speed of rotation. That means there no need for a mechanism -- either mechanical or electronic -- to provide synchronization between two independently moving parts.