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Welcome to the EZMod hub topic! Share creations, talk about others' creations, and more!
The current EZMod version is 0.1.0.
Also EZMod isn't gonna have 20 topics like DevSquare did

Version list


Placeholder version. The start of development.


Adds a basic loading screen.
Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

why do you need multiple topics

this one is for

and the other one is for development

[offtopic] Well at least I'm glad my DevSquare engine got some recognition [/offtopic]

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The last post was 19 days ago. Feel old yet?

EZMod is technically dead by now. There are no public releases for EZMod, and the only public release is just a simple loading screen animation.

Not really...

You just contradicted yourself.

I think they meant that there is no "Release" just essentially a gif

yeah sorry for no updates

Could you at least provide a screenshot for the latest EZMod version?


okay im working on a ui i will keep you updated

I heard ui and answered asap

want to help?
EZMod: Development

Yes. Hi.