EZMod: Development

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This topic is for the development of EZMod, a new game engine!



About what?

Is it like DevSquare? Or is it going to be different?

similar but different

Why was I pinged?

i thought you could help?

With what?

cloud and things i guess? well you did make Snap! Extensions...

Ohhhhhh. So what do you want me to make?

cloud and maybe 3d?
i was thinking 3d

I am better at cloud than 3d

I want to join.

okay, (btw im going to sleep)

But about this game engine?

Now I see a answer

I don't understand... what's the game engine for? What kind of games?

any kind

So it's a... coding language?

No, more like extensions that make coding easier.

Ah, that makes some sense.