Error message when file shared through Canvas

When my students share their Snap program URL through Canvas, the link produces the Error Message "Could not fetch project undefined.This project does not exist"

However, when they share the same URL in an email to me, it works and opens the program.

Anyone experiencing anything similar? How can I fix the problem so they can submit their projects through Canvas.

How does Canvas run Snap!? In an iframe? In a separate window? Thanks, sorry you're having this problem and we'll try to work it out with you.

Students are using a separate window to access Snap. The assignment is set up so their only submission is to enter a URL code and submit the assignment. However, the URL does not work when clicked through Canvas. I am working with two monitors so the left is as the assignment appears on the instructor view. The right is a result of selecting to view the link in a new tab. Two students submitted multiple times. Finally, they emailed me the same link. I can access it through the email but not through the assignment.

Aha! Thanks for the picture. If you read the URL bar above the Snap! window, you'll see & as part of it. Canvas has translated the ampersand that should be there into a piece of HTML code for displaying an ampersand. So this is their problem, not ours; find out from them how to tell them to send the exact text in the URL rather than doing processing on it.

Thank you!